1/12/2022  DiscoverNWBBQ.com
There are lots of "social media" people out there.  Everyone does it.   Everyone is an expert.
I am giving you the perspective of someone who manages over 300 pages and groups with over 300,000 people nationwide who follow the pages or are in the groups.  
You should be posting on your facebook page three to five times per day. PER DAY.  At a minimum.  I don't care what anyone else will say about this, I am stating this as a fact based on what we have experienced running massive social media campaigns and pages. 
You should be responding to every single person who comments on your posts or at least "liking" their comment.  
Video is king on Facebook.  Facebook loves videos as it increases entertainment value.  So they increase the amount of people who see your posts when you post a video.  
At a minimum you should have a Facebook page and Instagram for restaurants (food).  Google My Business is a necessity with regular posts and monitoring.  
What does this involve? Some graphic design.  Some means for video production.  Software.
"I don't have the time for all of that."  First, you cannot afford not to.  Technology is rapidly evolving and if you fail to plan, you will see your competition take your customers. 
Marketing Automation: Yes!  You can automate your social media so that posts are automatically posted for you.  But you need someone with the knowledge to set it up.  Is it expensive?  No.
You can spend $3000 per month on an inexperienced marketing person to manage it all for you or you can spend significantly less with Discover Maestro to do it for you.  Schedule a call today.