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Some have success with Facebook ads. 

Some have success with Google ads.
Some are lucky as they don't fully understand how to effectively use those platforms. But they made them work for now. If they truly studied digital marketing they would see that Facebook, Google and Yelp are a 3 punch combination to success. 
First, I can tell you this, if you do not know how to use Yelp effectively, it won't be as effective. You will dislike it. You will claim it doesn't work.  Do not depend on that guy who calls from Yelp to manage your Yelp account.  He just starts your ads and contacts you when you try and stop.  That's it.  We can discuss the review portion of Yelp later as that is another significant task to deal with and again, if you don't know how to manage it, you may be disappointed. 
I will share with you how to use Yelp effectively or whether or not it's a good fit for your business or your location. This will save you tons of heartache, but it can also create tremendous joy for you, your family and business.  
In today's world, social media plays a significant role in the success of businesses. Yelp is a popular online platform that helps people find and review local businesses. Yelp offers businesses the opportunity to build their reputation and attract more customers. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to use Yelp effectively, leading to negative reviews and a decrease in business. Fortunately, there are marketing agencies like mine, Discover Maestro, a Yelp ad partner, who can help businesses succeed with Yelp.  We are reputation management professionals.  As an agency, driving leads starts everything but equally as important is after the customer has visited you.

Yelp is beneficial for businesses for several reasons. Yelp has over 100 million unique visitors per month, making it an excellent platform for businesses to reach a broad audience. Yelp allows businesses to create a free profile, which includes their contact information, hours of operation, photos, and reviews. Yelp provides a level playing field for all businesses, regardless of their size, location, or industry. Yelp is a trusted source of information, and consumers rely on Yelp reviews when making purchasing decisions.

In recent years, the rise of voice searches has changed the way people interact with technology. Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become increasingly popular, and people are using them to search for information, make reservations, and order food. However, many people may not realize that these voice assistants depend on Yelp's databases to display businesses to the requester. When a potential customer asks Siri to find a restaurant, for example, Siri will search Yelp's databases for restaurants in the user's area. Siri will display the results based on factors such as the user's location, the restaurant's rating, and the type of cuisine. The user can then choose a restaurant from the list and get directions, make a reservation, or place an order using Siri.

However, many businesses struggle to succeed on Yelp. Inexperienced marketing people and business owners are often the main cause of these struggles. These individuals often make common mistakes, such as failing to monitor their Yelp profile, ignoring negative reviews, and failing to respond to customer inquiries. These mistakes can harm a business's reputation and cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Imagine, are you a Google ads expert? Social media expert? Yes, Yelp has agencies that have partnered to help you to be successful. You don’t have the time to become the expert.

Few marketing agencies like Discover Maestro are Yelp ad partners and can help businesses avoid the common mistakes to help you succeed on Yelp. They can tell you how many people were searching for your category of business within the last 30 days and 20 miles of your location. This allows you to first determine if Yelp ads are even a good fit for your business. While others will tell you all day to do Yelp ads, Discover Maestro will advise you whether advertising on Yelp is beneficial to you and that initial advice is FREE and based on data that you can see.

Discover Maestro is a veteran-owned marketing agency that has helped many businesses succeed on Yelp. They have a team of experienced professionals who can create customized Yelp advertising campaigns to help businesses enhance their profiles and reach their target audience. Discover Maestro can also help businesses with reputation management by monitoring their Yelp profile and responding to reviews in a timely and professional manner. This agency has a deep understanding of the intricacies of Yelp and can help businesses optimize their Yelp profile, manage their reviews, and respond to customer inquiries. They can also help businesses advertise on Yelp to reach even more potential customers. There is a flat rate of only $49 per month to manage your Yelp IF you do Yelp ads. If you do not use Yelp ads, it is a simple $19 per month. They monitor your Yelp account and guide you to respond to reviews and quote requests. They provide you free tools to manage your reputation and respond quickly and professionally.

Yelp is a powerful tool that can help businesses reach a broader audience and build their reputation. However, inexperienced marketing people often make common mistakes that harm their businesses. Marketing agencies like Discover Maestro, who are Yelp ad partners, can help businesses avoid these mistakes and succeed on Yelp. If you're a business owner looking to improve your presence on Yelp, consider reaching out to a marketing agency like Discover Maestro to help you achieve your goals.

If Yelp will not help your business, we will specifically tell you so.  -Discover Maestro
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