9/1/2022  DiscoverNWBBQ.com
Flat top griddles can be a great cooking option for backyard cookouts, tailgates and anything in between.
In order to keep your cooking station in pristine condition, though, flat top griddles need seasoned from time to time.
If you are seasoning a new flat top griddle, you need to remove the protective coating on the cooking surface.
This can be done through a simple cleaning with hot, soapy water and a damp cloth.
To begin, heat up the flat top surface, allowing it to get hot.
Next, spray the surface with water and wipe the area clean with a paper towel.
Use a scraper to help push the paper towel across the hot surface.
Once clean, spread a thin coat of olive oil over the entire flat top and allow the oil to smoke.
Repeat this coating process until you’ve achieved a fully blackened cooking surface.
Blackstone Ambassador Bruce Mitchell suggests four or five coats to achieve that flavorful non-stick surface.
Once you’ve finished cooking for the night, be sure to clean the flat top with water.
Scrape any grease and food particles off as well.
Finally, place another thin coat of oil on the surface, cut off the heat and you’re good to go until your next big meal.
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