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Smokin' Success: Pacific Northwest BBQ Association's 2023 Year-End Results

The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association (PNWBA) has concluded another thrilling year of barbecue competitions, and the results are in! As barbecue enthusiasts gathered at various events throughout the region, teams showcased their skills, passion, and dedication to the art of BBQ. The PNWBA, a premier barbecue association in the Pacific Northwest, recently released the 2023 year-end results, highlighting the outstanding achievements of its top-performing teams.  

NOTE: You can download the results in PDF format here if you have a difficult time seeing the print in the graphics.  DOWNLOAD HERE

Team of the Year: Alderfire BBQ Reigns Supreme

Topping the charts as the overall Team of the Year is Alderfire BBQ, securing the coveted position with an impressive score of 240. This achievement reflects the consistent excellence demonstrated by Alderfire BBQ throughout the year, showcasing their mastery across various categories.

RJ's Smokehouse claimed the second spot, closely following with distinction, while Rusty's BBQ secured the third position, proving that competition in the Pacific Northwest BBQ scene is fierce and filled with talented contenders.


Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, and Pork Teams of the Year

Breaking down the results by specific categories, Rusty's BBQ emerged as the 2023 Ribs Team of the Year, achieving a remarkable score of 152. Slow Porkin' BBQ and Lake House BBQ secured the second and third positions, respectively, in this savory category.


In the Brisket category, RJ's Smokehouse dominated with a top score of 162, earning them the title of the 2023 Brisket Team of the Year. Alderfire BBQ and Slow Porkin' BBQ claimed the second and third spots in this fiercely contested category.


Slow Porkin' BBQ showcased their poultry prowess, claiming the title of Chicken Team of the Year with a score of 158. Small Axe and Rusty's BBQ demonstrated their chicken-cooking skills, securing the second and third places.


Alderfire BBQ continued to shine, earning the Pork Team of the Year title with a commendable score of 156. Rusty's BBQ and Small Axe rounded out the top three in the Pork category.


Perfect Scores: Celebrating Excellence

The year 2023 saw some teams achieving perfection in specific categories. Rusty's BBQ earned a perfect score for Pork at the Clearwater Annual event, while RJ's Smokehouse achieved excellence in Brisket at Sutherlin. Rob's Smokin' and Griffin' BBQ claimed a perfect score for Chicken at Clearwater Annual, joined by Rusty's BBQ at Spring Fair, Lake House BBQ at Prosser, Slow Porkin' BBQ at Kalama, and Smoking' Timbers BBQ at Sutherlin.

In the Side category, Gladiator BBQ achieved a perfect score with Salmon at the Spring Fair, showcasing the diversity and creativity that barbecue teams bring to the table.


Top Scores and the Pursuit of BBQ Excellence

The PNWBA recognizes outstanding performances by teams that achieve scores over 770, considering it a great day of BBQ. Teams that strive for excellence and consistently push the boundaries of flavor and technique are celebrated for their dedication to the craft.

National Recognition
Congrats to the teams!

As we reflect on the 2023 year-end results, congratulations are in order for all participating teams. Whether they secured top positions, earned perfect scores, or simply showcased their passion for barbecue, each team contributed to the vibrant and competitive BBQ community in the Pacific Northwest. As the smoke clears and the grills cool down, anticipation builds for the upcoming barbecue season, where teams will once again come together to test their skills and vie for the title of the best in the Pacific Northwest.

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