My 4 Sons BBQ

My 4 Sons BBQ
9823 Portland Ave E
Tacoma, WA 98445
United States

"Over the years I was able to travel around the United States and in my travels I always sought out the local BBQ joints for a meal or two while I was in the area. I would bring those flavors and styles home and do my best to replicate it for our 4 sons - because what do boys eat? Meat!

All of our recipes and menu items are tested and approved by the 4 sons.

"We prep and smoke our meats daily, no short cuts or reheating. We take advantage of technology and use a computer-controlled pellet smoker burning hickory wood. This smoker burns a clean and efficient fire and imparts a clean hickory flavor into our meats and smoked sides.

Some of our meats can take up to 16 hours to smoke, so we start smoking the day before to get ready for you, the customer. We make all of our rubs, sides and sauces from scratch -- we want you to enjoy those same flavors we have been serving our boys for years.

"We try to prepare a meal that is as close to home-cooked BBQ as possible, meaning that sometimes we will run out of certain things, sometimes out of everything. While we try to prepare enough to serve all of our customers, we often have a few more guests than we expect.

We also try to be responsible with our food: we want to waste as little as possible and be good stewards."
- Matt, Owner
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