12/4/2022  DiscoverNWBBQ.com
People will look for your social media to learn more about your business and especially to see some delicious barbecue.  The next best thing to eating great BBQ is seeing it!
So if your potential customers see that your posts are from 2019, guess what happens?  They believe that you are closed.  They move on to the next BBQ joint that they can find.  
It happens.  
So what can you do?  I hear, "hiring a social media person is expensive" and worse, I hear "ya, I hired a social media guy and didn't get much out of it."  We understand your experience.  We were there once as well.  So we looked for ways to do it ourselves and with automation. 
First, you can automate your social media.  You can create 15 to 20 posts are put them on a scheduler to keep you social media from going stale.  They can post once a day or three times per day.  Post your specials.  Post your menu items.  Each item can be one post.  Easy!  You can fill up your social media with posts quickly.
If I get a new client who wants me to manage their social media, I generally post 20 posts right away as I know that people won't go through all 20 but they will see that you have recent posts.
Then I start the automation process.  If you would like us to show you how to can automate your social media, we will show you how to do it for FREE.